Cosmo Newberry Remote School benefits from Gruyere Goldmine in 2019

Sports Challenge Australia (SCA) once again thrives on a challenge to deliver both physical and mental health programs to the most isolated communities in Australia.

Cosmo Newberry Remote School lies some 1,306 Km East of Perth and about 100 Km from the town of Laverton.

Cosmo Newberry located some 1,306Km East from Perth, WA and about 100Km from the town of Laverton.

Bec Alston, the Community Superintendent of Gruyere Gold Mine, contacted SCA’s CEO Dr Garry Tester and asked him to come to Cosmo Newberry to meet the locals and to build a partnership with the Yilka community (Cosmo Newberry)and Gruyere Mine to provide programs to the local school to build fitness, skills and the Physical activity of the students, along with building resilience, self-esteem and preparation-for-life skills.

SCA mentors Jordan De Leo, Emily Mostyn-Brown and Josh Chivell out side the Gruyere mine site.

Once a plan was built together with the school and Gruyere, SCA dispatched a leading team of  mentors (Jordan De Leo, Emily Mostyn-Brown and Josh Chivell) to deliver a series of one week programs to cover all year levels attending the school.

The programs delivered in Q3 and Q4 of 2019, have been a huge success for all involved and will continue in 2020.

Cosmo Newberry Remote School

As Kevin Smith the school principal explained, “We are thrilled with the outstanding engagement delivered by SCA, the objective data provided and the wonderful skill development for all children.”

Gruyere Mine has invested in providing a sustainable program for the community, to demonstrate their commitment as a caring corporate citizen in providing the best possible programs and resources to Cosmo Newberry and the Yilka people, to build a positive future for all.

The Journey begins!!