SCA Presents The PMH Diabetes WA Rock Stars Camp 2017!

The Easter school holidays arrived with a BANG! Thirty-six excited Rock Star campers joined the Sports Challenge Team at Point Walter Recreation Camp to jump on-board a musical four-day camp of stardom, glitz and glamour!

By day, the campers were entertained with many noteworthy outdoor activities including water paddling on the beautiful swan river, pool games, flying fox and high ropes course, thanks to the awesome crew at the Department of Sport and Recreation!

Getting crafty in the afternoons, the campers were given a customized SCA & Diabetes WA Shirt to design a group band t-shirt! Artistic flair and ideas were running high as we saw fabulous designs left, right and centre! To go with these fantastically designed shirts, the campers created their own electric guitars in preparation for Thursday’s Rock Band Night and Air Guitar Competition!

Music extravaganza hit the campers on Wednesday afternoon as our SCA Senior Mentor and dancer, Treya Long, taught a choreographed dance that all the kids got involved in. After having a quick break, the campers were involved in an interesting and informative Diet Education Session and Psycho-social Session based on Mindfulness with the PMH and Diabetes WA staff.

In preparation for the disco, face-painting and crazy Rock-star hair styling competitions took place before dinner. With their new funky hairstyles, the kids looked the part and were ready for the disco. Wednesday night came quickly and before we knew it the disco took off with the Rocky Horror Picture show choreographed dance, followed by many dance offs, limbos, and Congo lines! What a night!

The Westpac Helicopter made a very special trip to visit the lucky campers on Thursday afternoon. The landing, static display, discussion and Q & A session, left the campers in awe as they watched the chopper take off from Point Walter and fly into the distance. The group raced back in for the Minute to Win It Challenge where teams went head-to-head in a number of fun challenges and trivia. The Amazing Race followed this, where teams competed against the clock to complete a series of mind-boggling challenges to race to the finish line!

The campers were treated to an amazing live-band ultimate rock star concert from Sleepfreak, who were also our special Guest Judges for the Air Guitar/Battle of the Bands competition! Band members Antoni Garic, Tom Haste and Daniel Da Conceicao rocked out performing original songs and covers! Happy campers were thrown a variety of Sleepfreak merchandise including CD’s & T-Shirts, whilst special guest Jennifer Clay (SCA Director and JH Computers Services CEO), brought along JHCS pens and stress balls! After rocking out to Sleepfreak’s dynamic tunes, the campers got down to business to find the King or Queen of Air Guitar history!

After an amazing four days, the camp came to end with our musical groups making many new friendships, creating many sublime memories, and learning a lot of interesting information from the fantastic crew from Princess Margaret Hospital and Diabetes WA!

With the fantastic partnership of Sports Challenge Australia, Princess Margaret Hospital and Diabetes WA, the team at Sports Challenge Australia coordinated one of the best Diabetes Camps to date! Congratulations to everyone involved.


North Vista Primary School, Singapore, Goes For Gold!

Under the wonderful leadership of North Vista Primary School’s Principal, Mrs Dhillon Singh, the school has embarked upon having ‘world first’ fitness and skill measures starting with all P3 students. Using Dr. Garry Tester’s ‘world first’ measures of physical health, developed at the University of Western Australia, the school has successfully partnered with Sports Challenge Australia to achieve some fantastic fitness and skill outcomes.

Garry and his qualified team of Sports Challenge Australia mentors; Jordan De Leo, Celina Hynes, Erin Arrow, and Director Jennifer Clay, assessed the students’ fitness and skill levels in a week-long program. Over two-hundred and forty children aged 8 years were tested and put through their paces, measuring fitness levels, fundamental movement skills, ball skills, and educational gymnastic skills.

As Head of Department (H.O.D.) of Physical Education (P.E.) Mr Alvin Lee explained:

“We want to have the best data available so we can use the data to focus our PE program to have the best outcomes for our students and identify students for our various C.C.A. Sports. Sports Challenge Australia with a database of 40,000 students from Australia and Singapore will give us meaningful data.”

Each student will receive their Parent Report showing their own scores the seven item fitness tests, and the ten item skill tests. Additionally they will receive their comparison scores of the school average for males and females along with a National average to aspire for and in many cases above the National average.

Wow and did the students have some fun with the Sports Challenge mentors collecting the data. As SCA mentor, Celina Hynes said:

“It is fantastic to see how well the students responded to physical activity; they tried hard, had a lot of fun, and were a delight to teach! You only need to look at their smiling faces.”

Now the journey for North Vista Primary School has begun, and the challenges will continue to build for fitness and skill levels of these students. Moreover, as the Students move through the primary years improved physical health can only be of benefit.


Iona Girls Demonstrate Leadership and Passion Under Grey Skies!

For the first time in 10 years, 22 Sports Challenge Australia mentors fronted up to David Oval in Mosman Park under continuous rain and black skies to lead 180 Year 8 Iona Girls on a day of developing Leadership Skills and Team Building.

As the Sports Challenge team huddled inside the MosArts Centre (SC) veteran mentor CJ Jackson revved the troops up saying, “We have to show these girls it does not matter what adversity we face, we can be prepared, motivated and ready to deliver to these girls who are counting on us.”

With meticulous planning completed by (SC) co-ordinator Jordan De Leo and office staff Celina Hynes and Emily Mostyn-Brown, every (SC) mentor had a contingency plan to deliver content inside if the bad weather continued, and it did!!  ALL DAY RAIN!

From the moment the girls were addressed inside the hall at the MosArt Centre we all knew we were in for a fantastic day as the girls responded immediately to their mentors with great energy.

Throughout the day, the Year 8 girls learnt the importance of leadership and team building through not only cognitive skills and psychometric testing but through ‘hands on’ problem solving with the mastery of delivery from the 22 (SC) mentors.  Under the new Stewardship of Year 8 Co-ordinator Gemma Beekink in 2017, all the Year 8 teachers were involved in working with the SC mentors while CEO Dr. Garry Tester had one on one meetings outlining the psychometric testing the teachers will be receiving, especially in Creativity and Innovation to help them build high performance skills.

The objective and narrative feedback from the girls summarized the commitment and energy of the (SC) mentors delivery.   Using a 5-part scale, the girls rated the content 3.9 mean and 4.0 for the delivery.  In the narrative just under 50% of the girls said that the mentors were enthusiastic, positive, encouraging and “inspired me to chase my goals and dreams”.

Olympic Kayak K2 finalist and Senior mentor Jesse Phillip best summarized the day:

“What better feeling can you have than to be soaking wet, but knowing that you have made a real difference in the lives of others.  This is what we can achieve at Sports Challenge!”


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