Sports Challenge thanks the following sponsors for their valued ongoing support. Sports Challenge is a non-profit public benevolent organisation and therefore relies on the generosity that the following organisations provide. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming a Sports Challenge supporter/sponsor.

Audi Audi
Provides training opportunities for our corporate training arm Australian Corporate Challenge which generates funds for Sports Challenge.
Azure Foundation
With the valued support of AZURE, Sports Challenge has been able to reach the most vulnerable children in metropolitan and country/remote W.A. with outstanding results measured objectively.
Budget Rent-A-Car Budget
The Budget sponsorship provides cars and four wheel drive vehicles for the Sports Challenge coaches/mentors and management to reach the many metropolitan, country and remote locations in Western Australia, as well as Australia-wide.
Canon Business Imaging Solutions
Through the generosity of Canon Business Imaging Solutions all photocopying needs are supported.
Through the generous partnership of CROCS Australia, the Sports Challenge Mentors have been provided with footwear and apparel to exhibit a modern and professional standard in the delivery of all programs.
Daniels Printing Craftsmen Daniels Printing Craftsmen
Through the valuable support of Daniels Printing Craftsmen, all pre-press scans and preparation are provided to ensure first class production of all professional stationery and promotional materials, including Sports Challenge Illustrated, presentation folders and posters presented to program participants.
Fogarty Foundation
With synergies of promoting and engaging children through education opportunities, the Fogarty Foundation and Sports Challenge have formed a partnership to build both Physical and Mental Health in children within the most vulnerable communities in Western Australia.
Fremantle Football Club : AFL
The Fremantle Football Club partnered with Sports Challenge in 1997 in providing players, tickets and apparel. The professional staff and players have provided their services to promote the positive role of sport and exercise in a healthy community.
Without Iridium’s Satellite Phone support for vital communication needs, Sports Challenge would not be able to provide programs to some of the most remote locations on the globe, especially Christmas Island, the Kimberley Pilbara regions and the remote Northern Territory communities.
JH Computer Services JH Computer Services
JH Computer Services is a strong supporter of Sports Challenge and has provided and supported all of our computer equipment and networking needs since 1997.
Neverfail Spring Water (initially through Aqua Vital) has been a proud sponsor of Sports Challenge since our inception in 1992, providing bottled water for thirsty mentors and students in the program. This is especially essential when mentors are working in harsh remote communities in the North of Western Australia. Further through the Coca-Cola Foundation and its subsidiary, Neverfail Spring Water in WA, Sports Challenge has been supported to extend programs into the most needy metropolitan communities.
Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines
With interest world wide in the various Sports Challenge programs, Singapore Airlines have kindly supported Sports Challenge in providing Air Travel and cargo support since 1995.
St. George Foundation
The St. George Foundation has provided funds for programs in Campbelltown, Minto, Ingleburn and Liverpool, South/West New South Wales, and now in Western Australia for the most needy children in our communities. A successful experiential (hands on) mentoring program, engaging all key stakeholders has improved the life skills, resilience and health of disadvantaged young people, as they make their way through life’s uncertain journey.